About Us

My Passion Is Books is located in Virginia. We are lovers of great books. We love the classics, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, detective, comedy, heart-warming, historical, and most any other type of mind-at-play type of book -- mostly fiction. However, we also love non-fiction books; books on gardening, arts & crafts, science, history, health, you name it. We also have a love of well-done comic books.

Our mission is to help keep reading alive for ourselves and others, and hopefully encourage people to get into reading or get back into reading -- whether through the written word, audiobooks, ebooks, audio devices, whatever.

We have always been avid readers of the written word and collectors of good books for our personal library. In recent years, in order to continue reading as much as we enjoy, we have warmed to the world of audiobooks which have really opened up a whole new world.

We hope you enjoy our site and that it will help encourage you to explore the world of books even further than ever before.

A Thought...

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. 

~James Bryce